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Our Reviews

What folks are saying about us on YELP:

I’ve taken two different cars here and fully trust these guys. This last time I dealt with Andy who was great. I told him it was a project car for me so he focused on fixing the specific problem and then gave me some advice on other areas for just for my own knowledge, not to try and get extra work done. I really appreciated that. Highly recommended!

This is a bit overdue. My wife took her car there last summer after it broke down while visiting the area. They did a great job with the repair at a very reasonable price and did so quickly. As I was a couple hundred miles away I was a bit weary not being there to help her out but they were very polite and professional and we were very pleased.

This is my kind of repair place. I had a mechanic I loved when I lived in San Francisco and it took awhile to find one that I like here. When I found Andrew, I loved how honest he was and how reasonable his prices are. My favorite thing of all, is that he will show me what broke on my car. This place is SOLID and is the best Audi mechanic around.